Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Apple Released Ios 7.1 For Users Through OTA

Apple is finally out with the latest iOS 7.1 for all its mobile gadgets. Availed to the public this Monday for the users to download the new iOS comes with some fixes for its predecessor iOS 7.

The devices which will be supporting the new OS include iPhones version 4 or above, iPads version 2 or above and iPod Touch. This new version of iOS is available for the users through OTA (over-the-air) release. Users can navigate to Software Update in their devices and can download the new update from General tab.

There are total of 41 bug fixes in the iOS 7.1 which also include improved designs of user interface and change in the power-off and phone dialer features visually.iOS-7.1-update-prompt-001

The Major Inclusions

For the users the major new features which are included in the iOS 7.1 release include:

Siri Tweaks

Improvements made include natural-sounding voices supporting U.K. English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Australian English. There is also push-to-talk mode support in this release for Siri.


Formerly iOS in the Car, this feature along with previous integrations of iPhone calling, maps, and music also includes the in-built voice-activated assistance Siri.

Calendar Tweaks

In this iOS calendar list view is turned back to month view along with country-specific holidays for some regions.

Update for iTunes Radio

You can now buy an album directly over the air with the new feature of the iOS 7.1 from “Now Playing” option.

Camera Settings

There is addition for automatically enabling the HDR mode for camera of iPhone 5s users is released.

Improved Touch ID

For improving the fingerprint recognition quality the in-built biometric reader of the iOS is changed.

In the new release of the iOS the overall efforts are being made to tackle the problems which are faced by the iPhone 5s and 5c iPhone users.

The release will be available for almost 82% users of iPhones, iPod touch and iPad devices that according to Apple are using iOS 7 based on the data provided by App Store. It is also expected that the number of bug fixes will be significantly raised in the coming versions of upgrades of iOS 7.

Alternative for OTA

Those of you who are not able to download the over the air release of the iOS 7.1 there is alternative option to use your PC running Mac or Windows for update. Connect your compatible iPhones, iPods and to the PC and select “Check for Upgrade” from the device window.

There is also another feature to make use of software bundle files (.IPSW) from the official Apple website for offline installations.

For those downloading OTA release a Wi-Fi connection is recommended as the size of files is very large for the phone networks to handle.