Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Releases “iBooks 2” With Support For Mac OS X

Apple has released the iBooks 2 on the today’s planned education-focused media event in the New York City, where the Apple VPs announced couple of marks in front of the media that represents how Apple has achieved good ranks in the market by offering their iOS devices to the educational institutes. The new iBooks 2 comes up with an ability to come on your Mac directly from the Mac App Store. The new iBooks v2 also comes up with a beautiful function inside the application called textbooks that allow users to get all the textbooks right on the iBook app on iPad or iPhone from the iBookStore under section “textbook.”

ibooks 2 for ipad and mac
In addition to the newer version of iBooks for the iOS devices, Apple has released a brand-new tool for the Mac users who allow publications to easily author the books for publishing under the iBookstore catalog. If you are wondering that what is the new textbook function in the iBooks, and what type of books are going to available in that section, so here is the Apple’s word from the three partner publications Pearson, McGraw Hill, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, which have, firstly joined the system and made their first books available for the iPad users. According to the Apple, the book’s price will be available under the price tag of $14.99 or less. As comparative to the original physical form of the books cost around $75 from any of these publications.

McGraw Hill initially released the books that are currently used by over 3 million students worldwide: “Algebra 1,” “Biology,” “Chemistry,” “Geometry,” and “Physics.” Pearson will release “Algebra 1,” “Biology,” “Environmental Science,” and “Geometry” (only two available today), with math books to be released in the future. Pearson’s books are currently used by an estimated 4 millions students worldwide.

Apple has also mentioned on the event that they are currently working with other bigger publications to come on their provided platform and help them in revolutionizing the education in different parts of the world. Well, at the moment Apple has only marketed its iPad 2 capabilities ahead of rumored iPad 3 launch by the first week of next month.