Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021

Is Apple Planning To Come Back at CES Floor With Joswiak Visit

As you have read in the title of the post, Is Apple going to make a return into CES again, after dropping the support for CES since MacWorld 2009? As we all know, this year Apple does not have a booth or keynote at the CES 2012 floor in Las Vegas, but still the company is targeted in bigger news of this week while not presenting on the CES floor. It appears that Cupertino Company; head of iOS product marketing Gerg Joswiak reached the CES floor this year and talked with media persons there about the Consumer Electric Show 2012. It is widely reported by the PaidContent, after spotting the Joswiak at the CES floor and talked to him at Sony’s booth.

In the talk to PaidContent’s Joswiak revealed to them that he reached the platform to learn how other Apple rivals are using the CES like great platform to introduce their new technology products in the market. He actually reached the place to get updated itself with the current goings on strategies applied by Apple rivals in the market on their booths to the target audience to represent newer devices.

It is worth note here that Apple has not joined the other tech world at CES floor since the MacWorld 2009, where the company has revealed its iWork ’09, new Macbook Pros and other more products in the market. In recent years, Apple has selected their own hosted events to reveal new devices instead of joining public events to announce new devices.

The visit of Joswiak at CES 2012 boggles our mind at first that what is he doing at the event, when Apple has completely forgotten about the show, and didn’t book its seat for any booth and workshop at an entire event in Las Vegas. However, henceforth, it suggests us that Apple is thinking again to join the party, and therefore, this year they only sent their head to check out the entire road of CES 2012.