Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Apple Offers Free Upgrade To OS X Lion On The Purchase Of New Mac

Apple’s latest OS X Lion is on the edge, as they have already launched it and seeded to developers, now they have come up with offer of free upgrade to OS X Lion, if you purchased new Mac after the publicly release of Mac OS X Lion, you will get free upgrade to OS X Lion. Upgrade to Mac OS X Lion is defined as user have to pay the price of new version and it will be only download able from the Mac App Store.

The folks of MacRumors has also pointed out that you originally had to pay $9.95 for the installation DVD, and as Lion which only going to available through the Mac AppStore in the way of downloading, so there no will be a charges of packaging and shipping. So before going to market for a buy of new Mac must wait for the release of Lion, is scheduled to launch in July.