Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

Apple Is Said To Sell iPad 2 as Cheap iPad Along With iPad 3

Apple is all set to introduce its next-generation iPad 3 earlier next month with full media coverage, and the company has already entered in the media with their upcoming education focused media event on which Apple is rumored to be launching a GarageBand for e-books. However, company is good with its component provider for the iOS devices to introduce the newer version of iPad while keep supporting the old generation iPad 2 in the market. According to the Apple’s upcoming plans for the display component shipments, it is reported that Apple’s iPad 2 display is not on the good track, and they will not be able to meet the requirement of Apple.

Therefore, Apple has planned to cut down the orders for the iPad 2 display shipments and increased the orders for the iPad 3 display, which is said to be eating the iPad 2 display quota at the moment iPad 3 is rumored to be getting a Retina Display, and Apple has also planned to adopt the iPhone 4 launch strategy, on which they cut down the price of iPhone 3GS and lesser the orders of iPhone 3GS components from the providers.
cheap ipad2

Apple is now for the time is rumored to be cutting down the price of iPad 2 by the launch of iPad 3, and as well as cutting down their orders to the 25 million display panel shipments. Apple is seemed to be cutting down the price of iPad 2 at the level of Amazon’s Kindle Fire to compete with it, and once again wants to overcome the Androids market.

In 2011, Apple is said to be produced more than 48 million display panel shipments from all over their component partners, but this time they are cutting down due to unavailability of the panels in the market. The numbers are suggesting that Apple is not going to kill the iPad 2 production from the root, instead it going to make it available for the users as a budget iPad.

The iPad 3 is expected to carry the same $399 price tag as the existing model, but could even be slightly cheaper, according to some reports. In addition to its long-awaited Retina display, the device is also expected to feature LTE connectivity, and Apple’s quad-core A6 processor.