Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Introduces iPhone Lottery System To Combat With Scalpers

While the Cupertino Company has the good grip in the market to sell their iPhone and other iOS devices in China, but the company had faced a little violence at their retail stores on the launch of iPhone 4S in Hong Kong last month, and on facing the angered customers on the doors, the company quickly stopped selling their iPhone 4S. However, now the company has introduced a new system in Hong Kong retail stores that will help them in avoiding violence at their store. The company has implemented a new lottery system on Hong Kong retail stores.

iPhone Lottery System

The new lottery system is currently introduced in Hong Kong by retail stores that ask potential iPhone 4S customers to first reserve their iPhone 4S online through the website and then come to the retail store to collect it, while collecting iPhone 4S the customers have been asked to show their government-issued ID’s to collect their device. This method is seemed to be a perfect road block for those scalpers in the town who created violence last time on the launch of iPhone 4S on Hong Kong retail stores.

The new system is appeared to be replacing the existing first-come-first-served policy of Apple’s Retail Store; the old policy appeared to be nicely in favor of those scalpers, who simply go to retail store and collect the device anytime. But henceforth, Apple has started monitoring the customers’ purchases and everything on the store, and for surely prevent users to sell their new devices in a grey market for some big bucks. However, the whole process is appeared to be a bit pain for the real customers, who have to wait to get their self picked up by Apple Staff for iPhone 4S device reservation.

In this new policy, users have to first reserve their phone online through online portal, and on receiving successful reservation they can go in the store to collect their device. Apple hopes to combat with Chinese scalpers with this new iPhone lottery system.


Apple’s new rules explain:

Due to high demand, we are accepting a limited number of iPhone reservations per day. To request an iPhone reservation, please choose your store and the iPhone you want. If we have an iPhone reservation for you, you’ll receive a confirmation email by 9:00 p.m. tonight that includes the time when you can pick up your iPhone tomorrow. A government-issued photo ID matching the name and ID number on your reservation is required for iPhone purchases. If you don’t receive an email, we were unable to reserve an iPhone for you, and you can try again another time. Only those who receive an email confirming their reservation will be able to purchase an iPhone; we will not be selling iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S to walk-in customers.


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