Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

Apple Hires Dev Of A JailBreak Tweak Called MobileNotifier

Peter Hajas, the great developer of MobileNotifier which use to notify the notifications from several social apps and below is the video of MobileNotifier


So Apple had lied down in front of the JailBreak Tweaks developers ! It is also said that he has been hired, to improve the notifications system of the upcoming iOS 5.

He himself didn’t notify any one except this tweet says something that he has gone for Apple.

The story began when iPhoneinCanada claimed that he is finally working for Apple. They also described MobileNotifier

Now, there’s a hot tweak called MobileNotifier (beta 3 release) via Cydia that makes notifications unobtrusive and allows you to keep using existing apps. An elegant bar appears up top of your homescreen and with one tap you can choose to close or open the notification. Alerts will also appear on your lockscreen. When you double tap the Home button, you’ll see a list of your recent alerts via the AlertDashboard.

So now we hope to see Peter’s work with Apple for the notifications system, of course there will be a new interface.

Props to Mac Rumors for getting the proof from Apples Employee internal Directory App.

So if you see a better notification system in iOS 5, So don’t props to Apple because it will be the work of a Cydia Dev and remember Apple hates Cydia.