Sat. May 21st, 2022

Apple Fixed the Remote IMEI Unlocking Solution of iPhone 4 Baseband

Few days ago we told you about some websites which were claiming that they can provide you permanent unlock solution for your iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, and to get unlockĀ  you had to give your device IMEI to the unlock providing website along with some amount.

We have also made contact with one of these website and took assurity from them about the unlock. In case of failure Money Back Guarantee was promised. But for last two days some users start informing us that the websites were only taking their unlock requests and money but didn’t unlock their devices.

After confirming from our sources we came across to this news that the Apple has just fix their system which was accessible by those folks who accepting unlock requests and earn money from unlocking your iPhone. Sometime later we got response from the jailbreaking community.

Veeence, the guy who have contact with Dev-Team has just tweeted through its official twitter account that Apple has just fix the hole of their system which allows user to make requests for unlocks.

Veeence has also said in next tweet that Apple may relock your iPhone again.

So guys this is the bad news for you, but this time this will save your from being scammed. So guys don’t go with any website which saying you that they can unlock your iPhone baseband. We have also closed the Unlocking Process till further notice.

Well to be honest i don’t believe this Veeence guy. He got no solid proof. It was expected that Apple will re lock the iPhones and i think this is going to be true and this was a game setup by Apple and the Devs.

Apple has fired the person and the hole still exists. This is confirmed.