Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple Firing Up iPad Mini Mass Production Orders Ahead Launch

iPad Mini Mass Production Orders

There are several rumors are goings  about the iPad Mini mass production in Apple’s Asian components manufacturers for the rumored iPad Mini. There are also words that Apple is speeding up the iPad Mini production in the newly established Brazil Foxconn. However, there are many sketchy words on the launch of device. Before the launch of iPhone 5, it was rumored that Apple will release the iPad Mini along with iPhone 5. But later, the idea appears to be debunked with delaying the launch of iPad Mini in the month of October, with featuring imminent availability of the device in market in November.

iPad Mini Mass Production Orders

Earlier this morning, The Wall Street Journal take a part with other rumor mills and reported that Apple’s iPad Mini is in mass production under Foxconn panels. The device said to be launch on media event in mid-October around October 17th.  iPad Mini is said to be featuring a 7.85-inch liquid-crystal display but with a lower resolution than the current generation iPad 3. It could be featuring 1024-by-768 resolution on the smaller screen. After all, iPad Mini is coming in the market to get access over the low-budget customers.


Rumored iPad Mini is already landed in the media with variety of prototypes and leaked parts of different components. According to very recent part leak of iPad Mini, it is reported the device will be offered in both WiFi & 4G LTE technology to users like every iPad had.


Different firms study have already shown dangerous numbers against the population of iPad, as compare to last year. Apple has lost large number of customers to Android tablets this year, and this happened after the release of low-budget Android tablets from both Google & Amazon. The android tablets are now over-taking the excessive popularity of iPad devices.


iPad Mini is still in the production, and will be there in mid-October. What do you say?