Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Apple Schedules Conference Call To Discuss What To Do With Its Cash

Apple has just issued a press release stating that the Cupertino Company is holding a conference call scheduled for tomorrow, March 19th, to discuss and announce the plans for Company’s cash balance. Apple releases a press notification today, and puts a new banner on their website with the announcement of Conference Call to announce the outcome of discussions on cash balance. Apple has planned to provide a live stream of their conference call on the official Apple’s website, but the stream will only carries audio data from Apple’s head quarter in the Cupertino. The meeting is scheduled to be happening tomorrow at 6AM PDT (9 AM EDT).

Apple is reportedly said to be focusing on the Company’s cash balance, and tomorrow on the conference they will only talk about the cash balance, and requires the decision from their share holders to suggest the company about the future plans with this big cash amount. Apple is not going to talk about this quarter sales, especially will not reveal any information on the numbers of the new iPad. Apple is about to carry the money into its pocket from a long time, and working on the rules stated by the Steve Jobs.

However, now, after his death, the company is appeared to be start communicating with the share holders on the future plans, and with this first conference call, they will share their ideas to invest this money into some projects. We have not seen Apple investing money into any project; they mostly invent things on their own ideas, rarely go out in the market to buy anything for their devices. Recently, it was reported that Apple invested money in purchasing the Israeli chip maker Anobit, and the App Store search and indexing service Chomp to bring more powerful search engine to the iTunes Apple Store.