Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021

Apple Asked By Authorities On Carrier IQ iPhone Scandal

After the Apple has revealed that they have used Carrier IQ’s tracking system in their iOS for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It seems that Apple has been targeted by iPhone users as well as by the authorities around the globe to explain the whole scenario of what kind of information they are collecting through their iPhone’s and iPad’s using the Carrier IQ. As the Apple has exclusively commented on the matter and claims that they have not been tracking any confidential information from the devices, such as key strokes, messages and contacts.  Bloomberg reported on the matter that German data regulator has just sent out a letter to the Apple for the answer on the use of Carrier IQ system in iPhones:

The Bavarian State Authority for Data Protection sent a letter to Apple today to request information about the software, Thomas Kranig, head of the office, said in an interview. Apple said yesterday that it will stop supporting Carrier IQ software.

As the tracking software discovered by the Android Developer, who claims that this software is voluntarily available on the all smartphone vendor’s devices, such as BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, Google, and Apple. It seems that Google has been trying to make a distance from the use of Carrier’s IQ system in phones, and says that its deploy by the carriers on the handsets to mine data from the devices.

The Carrier IQ system is highlighted as the most dangerous tracking system deployed by the phone vendors into the rom of devices, which easily capture every move of the device, as the developer says it records keystrokes, messages, conversations and location data, and then sends it to the unknown sources while using the debugging apps on the devices.