Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Android, Nokia, BlackBerry Phones Tracking Every Other Information Of User

Since the developers have discovered that iPhone’s logged user’s location information, at least due to a bug. It becomes the really big pain for the users, especially those who not want to disclose their location information. When the developers claimed that iPhone logs the location, we heard from the Steve Jobs that iOS devices does not logs the user activity but android phones doing for sure, at that time we have not more details about his claim and ignored the claim. However, it appears that some hackers around the world started their work on cracking the roots of the different OS’s and now have just discovered that every other smartphone is keeping an eye on you, with special built in tracking software.

It appears that Android, BlackBerry and every Nokia phone, which comes with carriers pre-installed operating system logs your location activity, and sends to the carrier and mobile manufacturer According to the discovery of the 25 years old, Android developer, there is a program in the OS of the device at the root level which logs your every location move, and as well as messages, numbers, every single activity of the user on its devices, and sends out to the mobile manufacturer and carrier. Trevor Eckhart, has discovered that his HTC EVO 4G is quietly tracking key presses, messages or locations. The software which performs all the above-mentioned tasks is said to be made by the Carrier IQ.

After unveiling the software details, it appears Carrier IQ has just brought the developer down to the court and asks for the heavy fine to developer/ hacker. The Carrier IQ system seems to be installed by every other smartphone except the Apple and made it to the root level, and apparently user cannot be able to modify it or safe itself from being tracked by its carrier. The Carrier IQ VP in the interview stated to safe its company: