Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

8GB iPhone 4, 16/32/64 GB iPhone 4S Founded In Vodafone’s German Website

Just few hours are left for the upcoming even of Apple at which we will be seeing a new iPhone coming up. Before the event debuts, we are back with the third consecutive consumer in three days. The day before we posted about the most famous rumor of iPhone 4, 8GB which was leaked by Foxcon Brazil’s Apple plant and the day before yesterday Apple released iTunes 10.5 Beta 9 in which hackers found out that there will be an iPhone 4S in 8GB capacity.

iPhone 4S seems to be some what legit for 8GB capacity but iPhone 4 in 8GB is out of sense and no one could ever think about an iPhone 4 of 8GB capacity. This new news about the iPhone 4 in 8GB capacity came out today when Vodafone’s Germany website mistakenly updated its system’s and added up their iPhone line up.

  • iPhone 4 White/Black (8GB)
  • iPhone 4S White/Black (16 GB)
  • iPhone 4S White/Black (32GB)
  • iPhone 4S White/Black (64GB)
There is the picture below showing up the line from Vodafone’s site

Well this line up basically was founded in the product’s of Vodafone which was the Elgato Tivizen DVB-T receiver and these were the devices which are compatible with the receiver.

Well this all of the stuff is not left up with a rumors now because the countdown is going to finish by tomorrow and we will see the all new iPhone line up in “Let’s Talk iPhone”.

The rumors which have blown up from many months is that there will be two iPhone, one will be the low-cost model so that Apple can gain more customers and one will be the all new iPhone 5 but after this leak, this is sure that there will be an iPhone 4 8GB which will be the low-cost model and the all new iPhone could be the iPhone 4S.

Well nothing to think now because just a day and everything will be out. We will be giving you guy’s the live coverage of the event so stay tuned.