Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

5 Quick Tips To Protect Your Mac From Flashback Trojan

The recent massive attack of a popular Flashback Trojan on the Mac OS system, definitely brought a lot of attention from the users and IT administrators who are actively working all the nights to protect their data from being stolen or hacked. The recent attack on Mac OS totally shocks the world with its massive number of infected Mac OS running machines, but still the Mac OS  is believed to be the most securest operating system, as the malware tries to enter in the Mac OS using some third party tools vulnerabilities, such as a loophole in Java Environment that allows its developer to land their nasty tool on user’s machine without any kind of hustle.

However, the security firms and researchers are already working on different aspects to stop this attack on the Mac OS X running systems, moreover; Apple has also released two or more security updates to Java Runtime for Mac running machines. Well, there are few quick methods that will help you in protecting your Mac machines from any kind of malware, virus, and flashback like trojans.


5 Quick Tips To Keep Safe Your Mac From Flashback Trojan:

1- Disable Java On Mac:

Most of the malware and Trojan programs make their entry on securest platform using third party Java security breaches, which are available on the internet freely to crack the users system. Apple has been already working to patch these vulnerabilities in the Java Platform to re-gain its value in the market. But at the moment, you can stay safe with your machine connected with the internet by disabling the Java runtime use on the operating system. The Java runtime is embedded little programs of Mac OS, and the users who do not update their Java runtime with new updates, are openly available to the Trojan to attack on their data. We would first recommend you to update your Java runtime machine, and then try to block the usage of Java runtime on the internet.
2 – Disable Adobe Flash Plugin On Mac OS:

Including, Java Runtime platform, the Adobe’s flash platform is also famous for delivering a number of viruses to different platforms. It is highly recommended to keep an eye on flash content on your device, as most of the hackers are using Flash to deliver their dangerous codes to your devices. Flash plugin for Mac OS is also not worth utility, as it is open to all for custom modifications.

3 – Disable Automatic File Opening After Downloading In Safari:
Some intelligent viruses and malwares still use the old-fashioned trick to land on users device by downloading a malicious software through the internet on Safari, and then downloads itself on the machine. By default, the Safari browser has settings to immediately open everything right after completing the downloading process.   So, it is still advised to turn off automatic file opening in Safari.

4 – Install Anti-Virus Program For Mac OS X:

Finally, the Mac OS users now required to have an anti-virus program installed on their machines, as flashback and other malware exploits have started targeting Apple’s Mac OS, after a long time. It is highly advised you to equip your Mac machine with the latest and updated Mac OS Antivirus. There are several anti-virus programs are available in the market to achieve the same goal.

Extra Tips To Protect Mac OS Running Machine From Viruses, Malwares, and Trojans:

Disable or Remove Adobe Acrobat Reader
Use some Flash block plugin to clutter down low-graded links
Don’t install third-party random softwares, u ntil you won’t confirm the legality of the program.