Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Zune’s Smart DJ and Turning off the Camera Shutter Option Coming Up To Windows Phone 7.5

The second thing makes me feel¬†weird, it means that you will be able to turn off the camera’s shutter voice isn’t that different ūüėõ The two new features one is the above¬†mentioned¬†and the other one is the Zune’s Smart DJ. As Windows Phone Dev Cast has been revealing the feature of Mango, now they have also revealed the above features. Zune’s Smart DJ will be enabling you to¬†edit and save playlists on your device and¬†discover new music and works alongside Zunepass to stream music to device.

Zune's Smart DJ


Camera Shutter Option

Day by day like Windows 8 many new features of Mango are revealing and as builds of Microsoft were coming i.e M2 7955 and M3 7959 to have a look of Windows 8 for developers same as that the features of Mango are getting out by the emulator not by any handheld device O_O