Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

YouTube To Introduce Paid Live Streams On Pay-per-View Basis

YouTube is already growing rapidly among the users with the introduction of new features, and especially YouTube is expanding its new features for the content streamers and the official streamers of several events. We have been already enjoying the live coverage of events now on the YouTube with its partner program; however, the YouTube has allowed Partners to stream their live content on YouTube for several occasions, and lets them to monetize to let their money back from their streaming. But, it is now reported that next time when you see any live content on YouTube, it will not be available for free like it was available in the past.

YouTube has just announced that they are soon going to roll out a new feature for the Partner Programs that will allow them to seed their content to viewers on YouTube but with some advance monetization methods, YouTube is going to implement a new feature of Pay-per-View for the YouTube users. The content streamers will be able to monetize their content on pay-per-view basis, and users have to purchase their subscription of individual live streaming.

This means that the live stream will now be charged to users in near feature, as YouTube is about to under-estimate its ads business over the Pay-per-View. YouTube has yet to announce any of their share in this program from the partners, but it will be announced shortly before the feature rollout. Moreover, the new feature also allows streamers to preview their live content before making it public through online live streams on YouTube.

In addition to this new feature, YouTube will also debut a new video manager on the website that provides more advanced tools to streamers to enhance their live streams with a different kind of advertisements, and other images, annotation’s stuff. YouTube Pay-per-View feature also let the users to set different prices of their live streams for different regions, means they can set different prices for different countries, and areas.