Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

YouTube App For iPhone Lands in App Store For iOS 6+ Devices

YouTube App For iPhone 5

With launch of iOS 6 beta 4 in August, Apple announced the removal of YouTube application from the iOS for the iPhone and iPad devices. The pre-installed YouTube application is present in the iOS since the very first day of the iPhone operating system. But, recently we have words from both YouTube and Apple that old contract is over and the YouTube will serve its own standalone application in the App Store for the latest devices and operating system.


After a month of blackout from iOS 6+ devices to YouTube service. The YouTube developer team has finally makes it way to the iTunes App Store for the iPhone and iPad devices with standalone application for the devices. YouTube has launched its own stand-alone application for the iPhone and iPad devices.

YouTube App For iPhone 5

The latest YouTube application comes up with an overhaul design, and couple of new features that allow users to take benefit of whole YouTube service on the iOS devices. The new application is pretty improved in performance, and as well as approach the users in a new way.


However, the current YouTube application only comes for the iPhone users, as the Google says they are working on the iPad version to take full benefits of larger screen. There is lot of difference between the Apple’s-built YouTube application for the iOS devices, and YouTube’s own introduced stand-alone application. The service will surely take a boost, and will kill the other alternative applications to provide the basic functionality on the iPhone and iPad devices.