Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

You Can Get iPhone 4S In Exchange For iPhone 4 From Apple

Apple released iPhone 4S the day before and many people are willing buy the iPhone 4S. You may be one of them. People have started to sell of their iPhone 4’s on E-bay and Gazelle. Both are the websites on which you can buy and sell products online. Once you have placed a product on these websites, your product is sold on the spot or later on.

Well these websites may not bring you the right dealer at right time and many of the people don’t buy used things at the price you want to sell off. If you want the good price for your product so don’t forget to enroll in the Apple’s Recycle Program.

Apple’s Recycle Program simply allows you to enroll in a program where you can sell off your iDevices and MAC for a certain price and help Apple to recycle those products. So if you get enrolled in the recycle program and Apple buys your used iPhone 4 for $200, then congrats. You will be now eligible to buy the newly announced iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S is priced $200 with 2-years contract. So if you can get of with $200 after recycling your iPhone 4, so you can get an iPhone 4S for free from Apple with 2-Years Contract which is not a bad deal. If you get less than $200 then don’t forget that Apple also announced 8GB iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS went free. The iPhone 4 8GB is $99 on contract and iPhone 3GS is free on contract. Apple is also offering without contract iPhone 4 for $549 and iPhone 3GS for $375. Not a bad deal.

The deal is good isn’t it? You got like some bugs and want to go for Non-Contract iPhone 4S, you can trade in your old iPhone 4 and got for the non-contract iPhone 4S.