Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Yahoo Released New Search Engine To Improve App Search With Yahoo! App Search and AppSpot

Today Yahoo has released a new search service for iOS App Search; the main aim of the app is to improve the search results of the App Search for iPhone and Android. Yahoo launched two apps today, one for iOS devices in App Store with name of Yahoo! AppSpot and second for Android’s with name of Yahoo! App Search Website. Yahoo said that the new search service will work more intelligently on the App Store and Android Marketplace, and will provide more accurate data then currently offered. It’s also mentioned in the report that personal recommendation for users about app will also available within the Yahoo! App Spot and it’s based on the user’s interest and currently installed apps in device.

Both the Yahoo! AppSpot and Yahoo! Web search will provide the same result data which currently offered by App Stores it will include same things like, description, rating, price, and screenshots of apps. If you want to download the app using Yahoo! AppSpot, it will drive to you to the main page of application in App Store and then you can download it from original page.