Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Xcode Source Suggest Apple Working On iPad 3 Quad Core Processor

Here’s an interesting tidbit comes to us from the inner source code of the Apple’s latest Xcode version, the compiler suite suggests that the new version of the software supports Marvell’s quad-core, ARM processors too, along with the Apple’s own custom built A-Series chip.

The discovery of the such support into the Xcode suggest us that Apple might be working to ditch its own custom built A-series core processors which are currently uses in the iPhone 4 and iPad, iPad 2 and will go to power the next generation devices with Marvell’s quad core processors.

As Ars noted:

 An Armada XP-powered prototype logic board would allow iOS or Mac OS X software engineers to experiment with performance tuning and other optimizations, while Apple’s hardware design team—comprised largely of former PA Semi and Intrinsity engineers—could continue working on a possible quad-core ARM design to be manufactured somewhere down the road.

Might be few iOS prototypes running on these marvell processor chips to give a in house test shot on it, Apple is almost ready to start producing its own based quad core A6 processor chips for the next year iOS devices launch.