Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

xBackup Will Back Up Your Jailbroken Stuff in One Tap

Many of you unwillingly have to restore your iDevice due many reasons and obviously you people hate to do so because of the Apps,Sources, and Tweaks you got installed. Now you will not hesitate to restore your iDevice. We came across a new Tweak Called xBackup. It allows you to backup all your Tweaks,Apps and Cydia sources with just one click and makes your life much easier.

This is only available on Jailbroekn iDevices. In order to get this Tweak you should be Jailbroken. If you are Jailbroken so you can Follow the Steps below and if not so you can use our Complete guide posted here on how to Jailbreak.

Steps to Follow


The tweak requires iOS 4.x. So install only if you got iOS 4.x

Open Cydia and go into Search and search for xBackup

When you find xBackup purchase it and install it. It costs $1.50.


Once done with the installation of xBackup, you will get a new icon on your Spring Board with the name of xBackup.


Open the App xBackup. Once the App is opened you will see many options


Now you have to press the Back up tab on the top right and a message will appear and ask

Now select backup and a backup will be create. Once done a message will Appear with location your backup is saved.

The location for the back up is:



Now what you have to do is Download iFunbox for Windows and Cyber duck for MAC OS X and SSH into your device and go to this location


and copy the files on you PC or MAC OS X.


Once copied the files on your PC or MAC OS X you are on a safe side and in future if you ever want to restore your iDevice, so you won’t have to type all the sources, download all the Apps and Tweaks all over again. Just Download this App from Cydia again and open it.

Copy the files copied on PC or MAC OS X back to the same location


Now open the Tweak and you will see an option called Restore and there will be files which you made backup of Select them and it will ask you for Restore.

Restore to the Backup which you had done.

Probably it will ask you for a Reboot and after a Reboot all your Apps,Tweaks, and Sources will be back and running.