Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

WWDC 2012 – iCloud refresh instead of iPhone

As the all awaited week of June 11-15 draws near, when Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference is scheduled in San Francisco; speculations are running ripe in the market as to what is to be expected out of the event. The conference, which traditionally serves as the forum for Apple announcing its new iPhones, is not likely to see the unveiling of the much anticipated iPhone 5 this year. With the later than expected launch of IPhone 4S last year, it has also pushed the release of the new IPhone back by a few months. So what does Apple have up its sleeve for this year’s Conference?

Now, with the event being a software extravaganza, most rumors have been centered on the showcasing of iOS 6, Apple’s next mobile OS, and OS X Mountain Lion, which runs the MacBook’s. This comes as a disappointment for those who were not only expecting a revelation of the IPhone 5, but also anticipating the release shortly after. The news of other likely releases has reinforced the anticipated timeframe of IPhone 5 being somewhere in the fall and not this summer.

In exciting news, however, the release of the iCloud refresh has been confirmed. What appears is that, Apple developers have been able to unearth the beta version which has a code reference to the iOS 6. If sources are to be believed, for using beta.icloud.com one must sign into iCLoud using iOS 6 Beta alone. Therefore along with iCloud Beta, iOS 6 is more than likely to be unveiled. What has also become known is the fact that there are images and references in the Beta portal of the Apple Notes; thereby a further cloud expansion of services is imminent.

Users can now be storing images directly on the cloud and syncing them with their devices, along with an updated feature that shall enable photo sharing being open to commenting by others on the iCloud. Among the other important things that could be revealed at the WWDC include the new Apple TV on iOS 6, besides the MacBook Pros. There is also a likelihood of new iMacs and iPods coming out as well. But what is mostly confirmed, through the latest turn of events, is that iPhone lovers will still have to do with “concept” videos and specs and features that have been leaked on the internet, for some time.