Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

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[quote type=”large” align=”left”] Freakgeeks invites and welcomes the guest authors to come and share their writing with us. We are looking forward to get creative writers to join our community. The guest authors will be provided the role of writing contributors. This way, the authors can read, edit and delete the posts. [/quote]

How To Submit The Post/Article?

Submitting your writing is an easy task. Just get yourself registered with us as a guest author and you will automatically receive a mail with proper login details. After logging in, update the profile and ensure that you fill up all columns of the forms. To submit your article, just go to POSTS | ADD NEW POST. Now include the article and do basic things such as assigning category and adding the relevant tags. Click on the Submit for Review option. If your article meets proper requirements, it will be directly published.


Benefits for the guest authors

Freakgeeks is a popular blog that is featured with different categories. The blog also has huge amount of loyal and potential readers from all across the globe. You will enjoy Backlinks, Traffic, Exposure and Good Readers by joining as a guest author with us.

The guest authors are allowed to have two links on FG. One link should be there at the end of a post i.e. in the Author Bio and you can even link an article from your own blog to the guest article in case it is relevant.

Your article will be available to all the readers on the blog and also through social media websites that we are attached to. The article will also be displayed in homepage for a few days.

You will get huge exposure when you write for FG.

What you can write on?

You can write on any topic related to Apple iPhone, iOS, iPAd, Jailbreak, Android News and on different gadgets. Make sure that you write relevant and up to date content. Share your experiences about the gadgets and more through the posts/articles.

You will definitely enjoy wide web exposure through our site.

What if you submit duplicate articles?

Never copy paste the content from other sources and then submit them as guest posts or articles. You cannot even use the guest article posted on our blog in any other site.  If you need to do so, you can use some portions of the article and give complete credit to FG. Make sure that you do not publish this article anywhere else.

Write to us for any query and start sharing your writings with us. Feel Free to Contact Us on for any query related to guest posting. 



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