Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Wrap Up Of The Apples Educational Event

One week back announced todays educational event held in NUC also made many peoples week. Sources started to report about a new device to release which didn’t. Apple today in technical language had a talk on the applications of there’s. Today Apple updated the iBooks for the first time and got it the name iBooks 2.0, the update actually. iTunes U same interfaced application as of iBooks then the text book maker for the books to publish iBookstore and at the end iTunes 10.5.3 was released to synchronise the text books to the PC/Mac or the opposite.

After todays educational release there was still one thing missing.. Students have to run these all applications on the iDevice, Apple should have reduced the price for the iDevices for students which would be an epic boost to the Cupertino company but still working too much for the youth is an epic thinkig and working so once agains hats off but still.. What about iPad 3, iPhone 5 and more ???