Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Wonderful Concept Of Next Generation iPhone 5 By Apple

While with iPhone 5 rumors, we have no specific words from Apple about the next generation iPhone, specially users are quite confuse regarding to its design. Some reports recently claimed that it will come with slighter changes, and on other hand some report claims that it going to be a big design change ever Apple made. By living with all these rumors and waiting for the official words from Apple, Yanko Design express their thoughts about the next generation iPhone 5 by creating its concept pictures, this concept of iPhone design looks cool, so I will suggest you to must check out their work and thoughts what they think about the iPhone 5.


1As you can see the features of this device, compared to the previous, is the back to lament aluminum and a form similar to that of the ‘iPad. Also on the top you can see a small plastic part to the useful phone reception.