Fri. May 27th, 2022

After A Big Gap, Windows Marketplace Gets 30,000 Applications

What is a Windows Marketplace ?

We have the App Store for iOS by Apple, Android Market for Android devices by Google to get the applications for your beloved devices but where is Windows Phone 7 ? Well Windows Marketplace is the store for Windows Phone 7 to get the applications and it has just been 8 months when Marketplace was launched and after a year the geeks started to saw the developers working confidently for Marketplace and before 2 months ago the Windows Marketplace got 20,000 applications and just after a week it got 25,000 applications for Marketplace. According to WinRumors Marketplace today has reached almost 30,000 applications

Windows Marketplace Windows Marketplace gets 30,000 applications

Well today right after a month ago, after a long gap Windows Marketplace got 30,000 applications and more the applications more the consumers are attracted as Apple and Android is doing. It has been 10 months to reach till here and it has taken a lot of time for Windows Marketplace to fill up these many apps comparing to Google and Apple as Apple’s App Store did it in 8 months but Windows Marketplace in a sense has taken less time than Android Market because Android Market took 17 months to fill up with 30,000 applications. Below is the senses by WP7AppList

Windows Marketplace Windows Marketplace

The total apps in Marketplace are 30,000 after 10 months, if we compare these statistics with Apples App Store, so Apple had 400,000 Apps in App Store/iTunes after a year of  iPhone 2G launch. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 was launched on 26th October 2010, it launched with 1,000 Apps in Marketplace and till now Marketplace has being  progressing very well compared to Android Market, but not App Store.

Previously Microsoft pushed out an update to its Windows Phone 7 with the name of NoDo and this update had some copy, paste applications with two more features, was first launched by AT&T which has been dismissed now and it also had a big problem rather an issue spreading these updates to all of the WP7 devices and it round about took 4 months get the NoDo update on all the WP7 devices but now in the fall except of iOS 5, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango will be released too and Microsoft has also started to accept the applications for Windows Marketplace to run on Mango.