Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Windows 8 Goes Evil Against iPad In Side-by-Side Comparison [VIDEO]

A day ago, Microsoft has launched the most awaited Consumer Preview of Windows 8 in the public; the Consumer Preview is appeared to be available for both PC and some tablet devices that are currently present outside the company range. The fresh Consumer Preview of Windows 8 is appeared to be a single OS for both desktop and tablet devices that carry some handy UI elements that help Microsoft in seeding a single OS to both different types of devices. Microsoft has been working on the Windows 8 from a long time, and now finally is appeared to be reaching its destination, as the Redmond Company has announced the addition of 100,000 new features into the Windows 8 Consumer Preview over the Developer Preview version.

Since the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is out in the wild, we have been started hearing from the community that the OS is purely designed for touch UI, while at the back-end it supports the old-age desktop version of the Windows. Windows 8 is seemed to be carrying some handy gestures, and features that help Microsoft in gaining market in the tablet world. However, the operating system is still in beta, and there are many things are missing from the OS, but we believe that Microsoft will improve it a lot until the official launch of the Windows 8 for tablets and desktop PC’s.

Windows 8 vs iPad 2

Microsoft is appeared to be worked hard to deliver some central concepts of the tablet UI to the Windows 8, and many developers out there now believe that new Windows 8 tablet OS is surely going to hit the market, and may stole other tablet OS users with its handy attractions, and the multi-tasking abilities. We have also used the Windows 8, and really impressed from its booting time, as well as the Windows Phone like live titles, along with pure gestures based “user-interface”. Windows 8 is appeared to be getting a SkyDrive syncing capability similar to the Apple’s iCloud, as Microsoft is also thinking to provide some extra features on their new OS.

In addition to Microsoft Windows 8 work on OS, the folks over The Verge have managed to get hands-on with the Windows 8 tablet at their head-quarter, and moreover, they came up with a little side-by-side comparison of Windows 8 tablet powered with new Consumer Preview, and an iPad 2 with iOS 5.0.1. After the comparison, we came to hear that Windows 8 is very impressive, and is now delivering the central concepts of the operating system that Microsoft had been developing from months to beat its rivals in the market.

Moreover, we believe that Windows 8 tablets soon going to rule the market, as they are now carrying some handy features that are significantly missing from all Android tablets, and as well as from the Apple’s iPad series. However, the Windows 8 tablets are still far away from the launch, so we can just assume whatever we want.