Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Early Windows Store Games For Windows 8 Revealed

After serving the first developer preview version of the Windows 8 last year in the public, and couple of early milestone leaks finally Microsoft is heading to preview the recently announced and much hyped Windows Store for the Windows 8 running machines and tablets, just like an Apple iTunes Store. The company is already on the way to deliver its first Windows 8 “Consumer Preview” in the public. Windows 8 Consumer Preview is said to be carrying the many features inside it, just like the first developer preview version and according to the latest tidbit. We come across to know that new Consumer Preview of Windows 8 will also carry few launch games in the Windows 8, to test the complete functionality of the Window Store.


A source near to The Verge folks revealed that Microsoft has been planning to release a number of games by default in the device, and the source has released a list of games that may come with Window 8 Consumer Previews soon. Windows 8 is said to be more focusing on the tablet, as the Microsoft is trying to enter in the tablet market with its own operating system for the tablets to compete with Apple’s iconic iPad series. Last month, in CES 2012 we have seen the number of prototype devices running on the new Windows 8 tablet version which is appeared to be releasing soon in upcoming two or more months to the third-party manufacture companies. However, here is the list of games that may are coming with Windows 8 Consumer Preview soon:


  • Hydro Thunder
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Reckless Racing
  • Angry Birds
  • Ilomilo
  • Rocket Riot
  • Tentacles
  • Crash Course
  • Ms Splosion Man
  • Wordament

According to the source, the Pinball and Solitaire will come pre-installed on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview build, but the other games will be available on Windows Store games section as an optional downloads for the Windows 8 machines. Microsoft’s Windows Store will also allow developers to submit their apps for free of cost, or become the official developers by charging between $1.49 to $999 per app or game, while the Redmond Company taking 30% of a proceeds at first, and will be reduced to 20% after an app reaches $25,000 in sales.

Microsoft is readying up to launch the Windows Store late in February, along with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Follow us on Google+, Twitter or Facebook to remain in touch. We will keep you updated!