Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Windows Phone Browser Wins Against iPhone 4 and Android, Says Microsoft Benchmarks

Microsoft had a conference in Las Vegas, in which they mentioned about the HTML 5 technology in mobiles (First of all we want to tell you that the Internet Explorer 9 used in the Windows Phone device is basically the desktop IE9, According to Microsoft). They made a competition between three devices:

1- Apple’s iPhone 4 running Safari

2- HTC running Internet Explorer 9

3- Samsung’s Nexus S running Android’s Browser

WinRumorswere the one, who captured all the conference in Las Vegas. All three devices for the test were put in the HTML 5 Speed Reading Test website by Microsoft. According to the video the iPhone 4 was just crap, but Samsung Nexus S running Android made it’s way a bit, while HTC running IE9 was the superstar.

Here are the results below:

1- HTC running Internet Explorer 9 won by 22 Frames Per Second (FPS)

2- Samsung’s Nexus S running Android’s Browser lacked by 11 Frames Per Second (FPS)

3- Last but the least 😛 Apple’s iPhone 4 stood last in the test by 2 Frames Per Second (FPS)

It’s an impressive result by IE9, so these results decided to support Microsoft, but Apple can’t stop… In the upcoming iOS version’s there will be an upgraded version of JAVA Runtime which will be thought interesting for looking upto an other competition.

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