Fri. May 27th, 2022

Microsoft Claims They Have Siri On Windows Phone 7 Over A Year

Since the Apple has wrapped out his mysterious box and releases the iPhone 4S Siri last month, everyone has been actively talking about the Siri and its work. Especially, the iPhone rivals, it’s obvious that many other giant companies have already started their work to introduce their Siri like similar software on their products, but we have noticed that everyone has pointed the Siri with negative comments at first sight.

In the most-recent interview with Forbes, Microsoft’s chief strategy and research officer, Craig Mundie has claimed that they have Siri like assistant on their Windows Phone 7 since the launch, while during the talking about the “Kinect effects” and other future plans of the company’s business. Mundie totally shocks the tech word with his claim, in front of the audience that Microsoft has already baked Windows 7 with Siri like feature. Is anyone had seen? Well, no!

He says Apple has not invented the revolutionary technology in the Siri, instead they have done “good marketing” of the technology that everyone had in their products. He also embraces that Microsoft to learn a thing or two from Apple, how to market the product and revised technology in the new direction.


Mundie has pointed the voice commands system as the Siri of Windows Phone 7, we all know, not only Microsoft WP 7 has buggy voice command system, even Android and Nokia Phones as well supported this kind of voice commands in which users can say the phone to write a message or call a contact, but all the devices only recognize pre-defined commands and strictly limited to the core environment. In Windows Phone 7, voice command system does not even work perfectly, as we have learned from different WP7 reviews by different high ranked geeks.

Mundie has only pointed out the buggy software/feature of Windows Phone 7 in front of million readers, in short we can say that everyone has to learn from Microsoft, how to market the dead product in front of media.