Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

Windows Phone 7.5 Coming, Features Revealed

“Mango” code name of the updates following for the Windows Phone 7.5. It was said before that the updates are coming but it came out to be Windows Phone 7.5. There are many features revealed some are customized some are new. The revelation took place because of the two sites working simultaneously, pictures were revealed by Windows Phone Dev Podcast and the details of the functions was revealed by Windows Phone Secrets. The new functions are Bing Audio/Video, SMS dictation, Podcast Support and Turn-by-Turn Navigation.

Here is the review of the new features in there words

Bing Audio allows you to search for music using your phone … Bing Audio allows users to hold up the phone to a song and identify it. [Similar to how Shazam works, apparently. –Paul]

Bing Vision will be a search service using the camera. So, you get this one-stop shop to scan barcodes, Microsoft Tags, QR Codes, Books, CD’s, DVD’s, and even text using OCR. Users could even scan products or images of products. Or, of course, the barcode using the camera.

Turn-by-turn navigation [includes] “voice guidance during driving directions”.

On-device podcast support.

SMS Dictation: [In Messages,] at the bottom of the screen on the Application bar is a microphone icon. Under the microphone icon, are the words “Speak”.

There is also another update which is going to make the Windows Phone lover chill out and that is Windows Live Messenger, Facebook and Twitter are going to be integrated. The developer’s Mango update will be coming out in May. The news of the integrated messenger came out in today’s Microsoft Newsletter

[The Windows Phone 7 update] will bring support for real time communication and messaging and a broader connectivity to SkyDrive.

Facebook Screenshot in Mango


via [Neowin]