Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Windows 8 Will Allow Users To Make and Receive Calls (PHOTOS)

Microsoft had released the first developer preview of Windows 8 to the developers at their BUILD event last week, also they have giveaway Windows 8 Slate’s to the attendees of the event. Hot on the heal, it appears in the developer preview demo videos, and coding that Windows 8 will allow users to make calls right from their gadget. Seems interesting?

Windows 8 Features

The report comes to us from the well known developer of Windows and Windows Phone 7, named Long Zheng. He reported that he found couple of references in the UI of Windows 8 which suggests that the OS will allow users to make calls. In reference to his claim, he also posted a image of slideshow, which showed up in the Microsoft’s BUILD 2011 conference. It shows a yellow tile (encircled) which has the heading Missed calls. You can see it below:
Windows 8 Allow You To Call Your Friends