Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Windows 8 RTM To Launched In April 2012

It seems that Microsoft is planning to kick out the next generation OS “Windows 8” sometime next year, may be in fall or the holiday season of the next year. the source which is really closed to Microsoft future plans, claims that Microsoft to release the RTM of Windows 8 and shock the folks by releasing it more sooner than we think. The report comes from the ZDNet, which claims that their trusted source claims that Microsoft to push RTM of Windows 8 in April 2012.This time Microsoft trying some new strategies with the their upcoming Windows 8:

I’ve also heard from my contact that Microsoft’s game plan is to deliver a beta build– not a pre-beta or preview,” says Foley. The suggestion of a Windows 8 RTM date in April is a strong possibility as the software giant is striving hard to get its Windows 8 tablet offering to market.


At this point we can only say that Microsoft is collecting the power to push out Windows 8 in the market to compete with other competitor, as soon as they can while relying on their power. there are lot of reasons behind the quicker launch of Windows 8, we have see the market is rising up with the hits of tablets like iPad and Android based tablets, people start liking to work on tablets than PC. The other one reason is Apple is already going to kick out its Mac OS X Lion, which going to be big hit and will of course hit the Microsoft market shares.