Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Windows 8 Might Feature To Play Xbox 360 Games On PC Natively

Mostly new features of Windows 8 are still in dark and become the hottest topic these days among users, a new report surfaces today around the globe that upcoming next generation Windows 8 will also feature the support of playing Xbox 360 games on the PC and greatly enhance the gaming experience of PC owners. While on the start its not work well, because of devices using mouse and keyboard to play games, and this is also not confirmed yet that how it will work and could new Windows 8 fully supported PC will replace the Xbox 360. The source which has claimed the report information said that this feature will be enabled through on the base of subscription fee, just like user have on Xbox Live and it is reported that whenever the online gaming services come out, they will use the Windows Live Marketplace.


xbox -windows8




Well we are pretty sure, PC users will never compete with Xbox 360 gamers while playing their games on the powerful next generation PC’s due to un comfortable controller of games, instead of high gaming controllers they have to play games through mouse, by the way there is also a point, Why Microsoft going to implement the feature of Xbox 360 in Windows 8? When they have already announced that next Xbox will be named “Xbox 720” and according to our thoughts PC game sales will not give any additional hype in revenue to company.