Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Windows 8: Metro Based UI And New Login Window Demoed On Video

Today early in the morning we reported about the some new features of Windows 8 build 7955, which was leaked in wild earlier this week and many of users got their hands on it and start sharing about the feature of it. Just like previous post, we found another story about the Windows 8 features, this time a German site named “WinFuture” claims that they got their hands on Windows 8 build 7955 and showed up a video, which shows some of the new user interface elements and new revamped login windows of Windows 8.



[Translated into English from German language]

The recordings are from an early preview version, which is part of the third milestone is the development. It is Windows 8 Build 7955, since it is already known to be further changes to the interface has been, so the screenshots shown here must correspond to the state must not current.

Yet the recordings show that Microsoft is including a new logon screen in the Metro-Look introduces the time, date, and some icons to the current system status and the functions of “Ease” appears to be access to.