Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Windows 8 Bluepoison Tool to Download Windows 8 Leak builds and Unlock Hidden Features

Since the leak of the Windows 8 M1, we are getting day by day new leaks of milestones, and also some tools which helps you to activate the copy of windows 8 and its hidden features. Just like “Windows 8 Tweaker” which enables the hidden feature of Windows 8 i.e Ribbion UI, Advanced Task Manager. Today we got another tool with name of “BluePoison” which not only activates your copy of Windows but also provides you the download links of milestone builds which was recently leaked and also provides you different option to enable their hidden features, this tool is developed by the folks of windows8italia.

Windows 8 Bluepoison is designed to auto update as an when new windows 8 features are unlocked, check out the screenshots of the tools.