Wed. May 25th, 2022

Will the iPhone 5 get an Anti-Toilet Feature?

Have you ever “dropped” your smartphone in the toilet or swimming pool by mistake? Or has your friend ever slipped or spilled beer on your smartphone stashing you off your money? If the answer is yes, you may be interested in reading what we are talking about. Yes we are talking about the anti-toilet feature! No matter how gross the name of this feature sounds, but this is what exactly it is! It is indeed the anti-toilet feature.

What exactly is anti-toilet feature?

The anti-toilet feature is actually the feature that guarantees that you don’t need to replace your smartphone (iPhone in this context), when you “drop” the mobile in toiler next time! You won’t believe it, but various smartphones have been destroyed completely because of being dropped in the shit pot! Definitely, once this happens you will not be ready to cough up a huge amount on smartphone again. So, the anti-toilet feature protects your smartphone from being detrimental.

Actually, this is a new technology that can allow these makers of the smartphones to protect it by waterproofing the mobile. Actually such a technology already exists and Apple is pondering over to make its iPhone equipped with the anti-toilet feature.

Did Apple “buy” this technology?

Actually if truth be told, such a technology has not been produced by Apple. It was formely the copyright of ZAGG. Apple then acquired this technology and ZAGG still prepares the protective covers for the iPhones as well as other smartphones. Apple bought waterproofing technology and in its words, it “spun off” a different company that is called HZO. The technology was improvised as well. ZAGG called this technology “water blocking” and it is said to be completely waterproof. This means that the iPhone can work even if it is dropped in the toilet or in the sink or the tub.

Go scuba diving with your iPhone!

The CEO of the company, Pederson says that there are pictures that show next iPhone being taken scuba diving for almost an hour! Can you beat that? So, if you are waiting for the iPhone next, be prepared to take it along when you next time go for scuba diving or underwater swimming!

How does anti-toilet feature technology work?

Actually, this is a very unique technology that uses the water-proof coating in the inside of the mobile than outside. This coats the entire inside portion of the iPhone and keeps it protected. They use vapor-vacuum system inside iPhone. ZAGG has also published the video that shows how water-blocking can work for the iPhone. So the technology is really something.

Using the anti-toilet feature in the iPhone can be an interesting aspect and will definitely attract more buyers in the brimming smartphones market. You can go ahead and buy such a smartphone, but it is still not clear whether or not iPhone will get an anti-toilet feature? As hideous as Apple is, we will know the answer to this question only when someone from the company unveils about the next Apple iPhone and its smart features in some ceremony!