Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Will Steve Jobs Be Coming To The iPad2 Launch Event?

Hey folks appearance of Steve Jobs the Apple CEO is a Mystery till now. He is on  a Medical Leave from past few Months. The launch of the iPad2 which will be a new member in the Apple family is about to come in next 24 hours or so. The person who used to impress the audience and made its product valuable may not be there this time to present the iPad2, but according to an Italian Website which reports that:

Yes, all odds are against us, yet we have reassuring information.

We want to tip the balance and we believe that the new iPad will debut in the hands of Steve Jobs.

The source and its legitimacy are unknown. We also don’t believe that he will come to the event due to his Bad Health.

Now All Things Digital reports that Jobs is “definitely considering” making an appearance at the event tomorrow, most likely in a brief appearance on stage with other executives to show off the new iPad. His appearance has not, however, been confirmed.

According to several sources close to the situation, Apple CEO Steve Jobs – who is on a health-related leave from the company – is definitely considering an appearance at its big iPad 2 event tomorrow.

But the possibility – which would be a big sensation at the San Francisco gathering – is also just as definitely not confirmed as yet, stressed sources.

If he did appear, sources said Jobs would at least make a brief appearance onstage, along with other top company execs in showing off Apple’s latest version of it hugely popular tablet.

If he do comes so he will just introduce the iPad2 and sit down and the rest of the presentation will be given by Tim Cook. He can make a guest appearance. Don’t forget to check back about the 2nd March event