Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Will Apple Really Kick Evi For Siri Or Solve The Issue With Developers?

Hot cakes are in high demand these days in the “virtual assistant” space with a recent report by Tech Crunch which reveals that Apple is planning to remove Evi from the App Store because of some violations it has been made again Apple’s terms and conditions.While talking about the violation, Evi is kind a  similar to Siri.

According to my experience with Siri, i have never thought or heard about Evi in any way that it could be a competitor to Apple’s own branded Siri, but now after getting a detail look on matter by TechCrunch’s article. I come to know that Evi is worth following application for the iOS lovers, who wishes to run Siri on their phones and tablets.


Evi was forever demoted to the “app I once purchased but will never use again” category.but Apple has made a big deal out of Evi, so I decided to give it a second chance, and you know what? I like it.

It’s funny that Apple can buy a startup like Siri (remember Siri was an acquisition), bake it into their OS, and then go after anyone else who’s created a similar app.

But yeah,  it’s Apple’s store; they get to decide the rules. And the thing is, there are other so-called “virtual assistants” on the App Store, yet they choose to go after Evi? Proof that Apple realizes that Evi shows up Siri in a few key areas, as you’ve no doubt denoted from the video above.

Apple is just going to make more people aware that Siri is inferior in many ways to Evi. And what about the fact that iPhone 4 users and everyone else on iOS who isn’t using an iPhone 4S can’t access Siri? The terms and conditions don’t really apply in that instance, do they?

It will be an interesting thing to see how this plays out. The bottom line is that Siri is only available on the iPhone 4S (without jail breaking), but if Apple removes Evi from the App Store, that impacts everyone, not just iPhone 4S users.


Do you use Evi? What do you think about these recent revelations? You can download Evi from the App Store while it’s still available.

Update: Apple not pulling Evi app, working with developers to avoid confusion.