Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Why The Websites Offering Unlock for iPhone4 are Fake [Explained]

Many of you are waiting for the Unlock for iPhone4 baseband 2.10.04 and 3.10.04 from past 5 to 6 months and previously you were told that the Unlock was delayed and then the news came up that the Devs are working for a permanent Unlock solution for iPhone4. Every one needs the Unlock badly because they are stuck for alot of time using there iPhone4 as and iPod4.

Many of the people asked if the websites like this unlockiphone4os offering unlock is fake or real. There many website like this offering you to give some amount of money and they will offer you Unlock and Factory unlock for Life. So how come these webs are fake?

This is how these websites are fake.

The website is offering you to Jailbreak and after jailbreak you will be able to Unlock and there is no other way out. The Unlocking Software is free for life time you all know that. According to my personal experience a friend of mine paid for the Unlock when he was stuck on OS3.1.3 baseband 5.13 on iPhone3G and there was no unlock. He paid for the stuff and what he got was Redsn0w,Blackra1n and all the Jailbreaking tools with a guide on how to Jailbreak the iPhone.

These things we already know about how to do them. So he was PWNED. There are no such sites who Factory Unlock or Normal Unlock your baseband. They are also giving you the same thing which you get for free.

Factory Unlocking is not done by online websites. They are done by the Apple or the carrier of which you are using for EG: 02 in U.K perform Factory Unlock. So if you want to unlock so badly so go for the Factory Unlock or wait for the Unlock and don’t be fooled with these fake sites.