Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Why The Unlock For iPhone4 is Not Yet Released? [Answered]

Many of you, who own an iPhone 4 and are on iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2.1 and  stucked on baseband 2.10 and 3.10 are locked and waiting for the unlock for past 5 to 6 months, still no unlock is out yet. Many of you have upgraded to iOS4.1 and 4.2.1 and many of you have bought some iPhone 4’s recently and were on iOS4.2.1 and iOS4.1.

Now what is taking unlock so much time.

The reason according to us the unlock is taking so much time is because they are working on it and it is not easy as ABC to do a baseband crash and release the Unlock asap. The person behind the Baseband Unlock is @Sherif_hashim. He is not only the baseband hacker, he is also a Neuro Surgeon.

The unlock statement was given before by @MuscleNerd that:

Official iPhone unlock statement: no unlock will be released untill after 4.2.5 or official 4.3 (which ever is last) is out.

In this statement is was pretty clear that the Unlock will come after which ever the Firmware will be the latest. It is now mid of February and iOS4.3 is almost around the corner.

The below statement was said by MUFC a person on the Dev-Team blog:

Listen people, the iPhone 4 02.10.xx unlock will be out after Apple release iOS 4.3 sometime soon. There is no ETA from Apple. Now stop asking about it and be patient. Mods have been told by sherif_hashim to take action if people ask about it and you will probably get banned if you keep asking about it. For the iPhone 4 on 03.10.xx then there might be a possibility then the DevTeam have made an unlock for this as well and will be released after iOS 4.3. Follow @MuscleNerd or @sherif_hashim on twitter for more up to date info but please don’t ask for the unlock on twitter. If you carry on doing it then the DevTeam may stop and quit then you wont get anywhere would you. Thank you!.

The above statement makes it more clear that the Unlock will be out after iOS4.3 is released for public and the reason stated by one of the mod on the Dev-Team blog for the delay of the unlock is:

It will be released once Apple releases iOS4.3 so the exploit cannot be fixed. That was what the Dev team said,Both iOS4.2.5 and iOS4.3

It is now clear that the Unlock will come after iOS4.3 and they are not only working for the Unlock, but they are also working on the Baseband Downgrade method for iPhone 3G/3GS.

If they release after iOS4.3 so it will be good because people buying iPhone4 some where in March and so on will not have to wait for the Unlock and people who will do accidental upgrades will also won’t have to wait for ages again for the unlock.

So be patient and let them do the work and don’t forget that the work they do for us costs them and they release it for free and they don’t charge us for that. So you all should be thankful to them.


The iOS 4.2.6 ad iOS 4.3 is out now and still no Unlock why?

IT was said that when the iOS 4.3 will be out the Unlock will be released. It is not released yet because the Unlock they got was only of a single SIM of MuscleNerd. When that Unlock was found so the team stopped working on the Unlock. Later they found out that only a particular SIM which was of T-Mobile was unlocked.

They have started the work again on the Unlock and this time they are working on two different Unlocks. One is NCK based which will be Factory Unlocked and the second Unlock is Software Unlock. Sherif Hashim was busy past few days ago and now he is also back on the Unlocking scene.

The Unlock will come out some time this month or so, other wise if you are tired of waiting so use this Rebel SIM card to Unlock your iPhone 4.