Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Why New Remote iPhone Unlocking Services Can be Risky

Few days ago many websites and people were claiming that they can go do Factory Unlock for iPhone 4 which means iPhone 4 will be unlocked for life. We reported websites which are doing these things.  First it was Cutyour SIM and now there are many.

Why they are risky.

As noted by prominent iPhone hacker MuscleNerd, the procedure seems to involve accessing Apple’s database to directly add IMEI device identifiers for unlocking.

they’re not using a hack. They’re using actual access to the Apple database (which is why the unlock happens through iTunes)

According to macrumors:

Adding a device’s IMEI to Apple’s database for unlocked iPhones should in theory permanently unlock the device, although the company could conceivably find a way to identify those entries that had been made improperly and remove them, rendering those devices re-locked once they again sync with iTunes. Consequently, most of the sites offering unlocking services are failing to guarantee that the unlock will be permanent.

This was also clarified MuscleNerd that every time you restore a new authentication code Generates via iTunes to Unlock your iPhone and this can be some time later blocked by Apple after seeing the database.

Other websites claiming to Unlock for like $29 or $40 with Jailbreak and tells that they will give a software, so they are totally Fake and Spammers. Don’t believe them.

Till now no words are being said on Official software Unlock for iPhone 4.

I also asked for the Guarantee from the webs claiming the Remote Unlocks and none have replied yet.  So the choice is your.  The website which i had mentioned, it will be verified and whole things like guarantee and stuff, time will be posted up.