Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Explains Why New iPad Continuous Charging On Reaching 100% Level

Since the new iPad debuts in the market, we have seen observers gone crazy regarding the next-generation iPad and its actual moves in the real life. Actually, there is a long list of topics that they have noticed about the new iPad and want clarification from the Apple on the different issues with the iPad. However, among all those heating, battery life-time, extra power consuming, taking more time to charge, and missing the electric watts during heavy usage with the new iPad, the observers have also noticed that the device over charges itself or working on the wrong algorithm by Apple Developers that continues the device to consume electric and charge battery for up to an additional hour after reaching the 100% charge level on display.

The observation first noticed by the geeks out there in different labs, and highlights a lot as the wrong and busted algorithm used by Apple in iOS devices, but a little after it was explained as the Apple designed its algorithm to safe the battery from over charges, and therefore, it indicates the 100% level before its actual reaching the level. However, today the whole secret is revealed, as AllThingsD reported on their talk with Apple’s Michael Tchao regarding the continuous charging of iOS devices after reaching 100% charge level.

According to the Michael Tchao, this is not an iOS bug, or any kind of mathematical error in the algorithm designed by Apple. It is especially created by Apple to protect its devices from over charging issue, as the feature exists in the iOS devices from very beginning. So, do you want to know how exactly it works on the iOS:

So, here’s how things work: Apple does in fact display the iPad (and iPhone and iPod Touch) as 100 percent charged just before a device reaches a completely charged state. At that point, it will continue charging to 100 percent, then discharge a bit and charge back up to 100 percent, repeating that process until the device is unplugged.

Doing so allows devices to maintain an optimum charge, Apple VP Michael Tchao told AllThingsD today.

“That circuitry is designed so you can keep your device plugged in as long as you would like,” Tchao said. “It’s a great feature that’s always been in iOS.”

Apple spokesperson noted that users could expect the 10-hours battery life on the new iPad regardless the presence of the programmed system that automatically charge/discharge the iOS devices on reaching the maximum charge level. However, in the whole process, Apple programmed the iOS to display the 100% charge level during the automated charging process in the background.