Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Here’s Why Apple May Introduce A Specific 7.85-Inch iPad Mini

It is been highly rumored by the sources over the production chain that Apple is preparing an iPad Mini model to launch this year along with several new features to the iPad series. The analysts claimed in the past that Apple is looking forward to launch a mini iPad device in the market to compete with its rival in the market such as Amazon, and its Kindle series that are actually bugging into the iPad series as most of the users like to purchase the e-readers and Amazon Kindle is the perfect e-reader device with installed Android. However, maybe Apple has no objection with existence in the market, but they don’t like the product because it running a custom Android firmware version. Yes, Android is the real problem!

However, the smaller iPad is rumored to be coming in the market by sources in the past, but we have not yet seen any solid proof regarding the release of this device. According to leak information, the device is said to be 7.85-inch in size, with fewer hardware resources than the original iPad. As Apple tries to reduce the cost of iPad, and wants to compete with other tablets on the market that are running Android firmware versions. However, the world is expecting the arrival of iPad Mini despite pretty clear statement by Steve Jobs that “10-inch screen is minimum necessary” for a tablet.

iPad Mini Size Secret

While the different sources are working on new rumors, a new report comes from AppAdvice highlights that why Apple will choose the 7.85-inch size for the iPad Mini, while the Steve Jobs believe that 10-inch screen is the minimum level for the best display in tablets. Well, the answer is pretty simple and cool, as the folks over AppAdvice have done a simple math on the screen resolution and its depth to reveal the secret of the 7.85-inch display screen iPad Mini. The folks have calculated the PPI (points per inch) of a 7.85-inch display screen, and the iPad Mini display screens produce 163 PPI points in their mathematical test, which reveals that the same pixel density is already landed in the market by Apple in the original iPhone and iPod touch before the integration of Retina Display, means the iPhone 3GS.

The Secret Behind iPad Mini 7.85-Inch Display Size:

Here is the complete detailed report from AppAdvice about the PPI calculation for iPad Mini display:

See, when Apple was designing its first iPhone (circa 2006), company engineers determined through testing that the minimum comfortable size for an interactive element on a touchscreen display is 44 x 44 pixels. Anything smaller would yield erratic results. The pixel density used to arrive at this number, naturally, was that used in the first iPhone — again, 163 PPI. (Note that with the advent of the Retina display, the term “points” is used instead of “pixels.”

However, Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines still call for a direct equivalent based on the original measurement. For example, the new iPhone 4/4S HIG has its interactive minimum set at 44 x 44 points, which is 88 x 88 pixels.) In layman’s terms, all this simply means that no app has tappable input zones smaller than Apple’s approved dimensions.

Well, it is the interesting calculation describing the actual depth of iPad Mini display, but again, we would say that it is not confirmed whether Apple introduces iPad Mini or not in the public. No doubt company has numbered of different prototypes to make the final device perfect before the actual launch of the device, so we may see prototype images leak in the upcoming months.