Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Who Leaked The SHAtter Exploit [Revealed]

The SHAtter exploit which was patched by Apple in iPad 2 was to be used to Jailbreak iPad 2 for life,but the Exploit was leaked in IRC Channel and some how Apple Employee got his hands on it and fixed it.

Today a really strange story came to our knowledge by a Tweet of @iHaz3 claiming that @ih8sn0w is the person who leaked the SHAtter exploit in IRC.

And yes it was iH8sn0w that leaked SHAtter to me and a bunch of other people, for example iPhoneman76 downloaded the file as well that night and some guy Fishh got that file as well. Even posixninja came on DM to ask me why sn0w did this, i had no answer why sn0w leaked that shit, so basically he is untrustworthy in any kind to leak stuff like that.

So who’s the a###### here, who is fucking up this community?

Why sn0w so special??? cause he makes JB’s from another one his exploit? haha makes me smile lol. Suddenly because I used the word shatter all ddos attacks stopped and I got an invite to skype to make things right……the f###### idiot that I am should have known better.

because they Taped the conversation and put it for download on iNet and Broadcasted it on IPTT.

So I went all mad again….pretty understandable I think. So me and sn0w are not good with each other in fact he still terrorizing me and my fam.

And its still going on….so u imagine how i think of them…

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Above is the reason and answer of why we don’t have an iPad 2 Jailbreak yet. We are doing some more confirmation on this. We will update you.

On the other side The Chronic Dev-Team has something huge to announce. What can it be? See here.