Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Whited00r 5.1 Brings iOS 5 To iPhone 2G/3G and Old Gen iPod Touch

Do you still rocking the first or second generation iPhone or iPod Touch from Apple as a backup device in your home, but didn’t use it in front of any friends due to lack of features on the device, well now you no longer needed to hide your device or to degrade it! You can still get all the latest shinny features on your old gen device, yes the same features that are available on iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1. Apple has released the new iOS 5.x recently with a bundle of new options, but along with features, they have kicked out the old generation devices from the support, and the users are now been treating as orphans.

However, now you would be able to update your device to shinny iOS firmware version specially created for your device to deliver all the latest features to your device. You can now install iOS 5 on your iPhone 2G/3G or iPod Touch 2G/3G with the help of Whited00r, and without any need of jailbreak. The Whited00r project and its team is all time popular due to their dedicated work for the old generation device owners, as they have never dropped their support for the users and always bring support in newer iOS versions for the old gen devices. This time team has built a custom version of Apple’s iOS 5 for the ARM6 family iOS devices including the iPhone 2G & 3G, and the old gen iPod Touch family

Whited00r 5.1 is available on their website for free of cost, and to install the iOS 5 on your iPhone 2G / 3G you have to simply download the custom iOS version from the server, and then to restore your device with that custom iOS version to get iOS 5 running on your device. Once you all have done with the simple installation procedure, you will get the multitasking, reminders, and iCloud named service that uses Dropbox service as a core of the system, folders, Newsstand and the options to set custom wallpapers on your device.

Whited00r 5.1 bring all the latest iOS 5 features to your old gen iPhone despite the iOS 5 Notification Center, as the new notification center requires a large plot of memory on the device, therefore, the team has selected to eliminate it from their custom firmware for old gen devices. In addition to sadness, you won’t be able to use App Store on your device to get any application on your device, because Apple has recently kicked out the old gen devices support from the Apple Store. You will be only able to download the applications from the iTunes to install it on your device.


You can download Whited00r here.