Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

White iPhone4 Coming This February

Hey folks the long rumored iPhone4 shows up in the Best Buy inventory System at Germany Store.

Could it be that Apple and Foxconn engineers have finally found a way to harness and contain the raw, blinding power of the color white?

The White iPhone 4 was at first rumored to suffer from a series of problems with color, but it was later rumored to be delayed thanks to issues with the camera sensor. As the glass is white, light leakage was affecting the camera sensor. The white iPhone is speculated to have a launch date of February 27th, and the SKUs are identical to the previous white iPhone listings last year before they were pulled. There’s no doubt that there will eventually be a white iPhone, and the question of when may be sooner than later.

So check back soon on 27/2/11 we might bring you may hear some news about about iPhone4.