Sat. Jun 19th, 2021

White iPhone 4 Shows Up in Verizon Inventory Database, Coming In Last Week Of April

A day before we reported that Apple is finally going to kick out his unicorn color White iPhone 4 in the last week of April, according to Bloomberg and now today the eagle eye folks of 9to5mac has managed to digg into the Verizon Inventory Database their they found the Apple’s White iPhone 4 models.


The models popped up in the inventory today, leading us to believe the late April launch information is true. The screenshot (32 GB) above and the screenshot (16 GB) after the break do not specifically state the new models are white but based on the numbering system and information from sources the models are for the white iPhone 4.

So its means, this time Apple is blessing Verizon customers before than AT&T. We are expecting from AT&T to launch the White iPhone 4 but this news totally changed the way. Verizon is set to launch both 16 GB and 32 GB white iPhone 4 models and the devices have already popped up in Verizon’s internal inventory database. This changes in inventory, shows that earlier news of launch of White iPhone 4 in last Week is true.


So who going to buy the unicorn color white iPhone 4?