Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

White iPhone 4 Landing at Best Buy This 27th April 2011

All news regarding White iPhone 4 are coming true. If you have missed the news so you can see all pf the round up here. We have reported before that White iPhone 4 is to be expected by the end of April. Then the White iPhone 4 was showed up in the Verizon inventory system and it was confirmed that it was coming on 27th April.

According to 9t05mac sources White iPhone 4 will be hitting Best Buy on 27th of April.

White iPhone 4 will be launching in Nether Lands on 27th of April and most probably all around the U.S on the same date. Till now the White iPhone 4 is expected to come for GSM,AT&T model and no words are said on the Verizon CDMA version. The two models of White iPhone 4 16GB and 32 GB have been shipped to U.S for a head launch for Wednesday and the White iPhone 4 will mostly be arriving by Monday or Tuesday at the Best Buy local stores.

White iPhone 4’s have been already shipped to Nether Lands and Vodafone in UK for launch on 27th. Most store have got ten units of White iPhone 4 in their inventory system.

32 GB White iPhone 4’s might be coming to the inventory some time soon. We will notify you as soon as we hear any thing new.