Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

White iPhone 4 Available On Vodafone UK, Hits The Market On 27th April

Its not a long time ago we have reported that some rumors suggests that White iPhone 4 is coming in the last week of April, and day after we got official words from Apple too that they will going to launch White iPhone 4 in April to May frame. After some days we caught White iPhone 4 in Verizon’s Inventory Database, and than UK’s Three website, which mistakenly publish the page contain White iPhone 4 buying form and it also reveals that White iPhone will launch on 20th April, after all accidents, mistakes and rumors. Engadget finally comes up with the exclusive pictures of White iPhone 4, which was bought from Vodafone in UK.


White iPhone 4 Available on Vodafone UK


As the story goes, the salesperson rang it up as a black iPhone to help facilitate the transaction, and shortly after the sale went down, Voda sent out a notice to halt sale of these gems “until next week.”

After some time 9to5mac, got tip from the anonymous tipster which claims that the White iPhone 4 will be available on 27th of April. The tipster who claims this, is works in the BelCompany, a store for Phones. They also confirmed from insiders of BelCompany about the launch of White iPhone 4. Insider says that internal memo is distributed which confirming the availability of white iPhone 4 on 27th of April.


This Wednesday, all retail stores will receive the white T-Mobile iPhone 4 16 GB. Also, a limited number of retail stores will receive one single white iPhone 4 32 GB. New supplies will be scarce/very limited. If the supply is exhausted/sold out, inform the customer that new deliveries are expected in 4 to 5 weeks time.



According to the sources, White iPhone 4 has already arrived at some stores of Europe and this time is under the security of companies, the first distribution of White iPhone 4 is expected to start on 27th of April will sale only limited devices but the amount of device will increase in 4 to 5 days.